AFSA Branch Operations Basics Training Modules
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  1. What are the system Requirements
    Flash Player 6.0.79 or later ( (Flash Player 7 or later recommended)

    One of the following browsers:
    Windows: Internet Explorer 6 and later
    Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later
    Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later
    Macintosh: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome
    Linux: Firefox 1.x and later

  2. Do I need headphones?
    Branch Operations Basics (BOB) has both video and audio. Headphones are recommended if the learner is completing the training in an open area so other employees and customers are not disturbed by the sound from the training. If the learner is in a closed office or conference room, headphones are not necessary.

  3. What does the company administrator do?
    The company administrator tailors the BOB learning management system (LMS) to meet your company's needs. After you purchase your licenses, the company administrator establishes Groups that match your company's structure and sets up Users. Users can be the Learning Coach, one per Group,(no paid license used) and Learners who have access to the modules, tests and Certificates of Completion. A Coach can also be a Learner if the individual ants to access the tests. A license is used in this case.

  4. What is a learning management system?
    A learning management system, or LMS, is the structure that holds the training modules and achievement tests. It also tracks and reports on learner progress through the training.

  5. Why do I need to set up Groups?
    Groups are the basis for tracking and reporting learner progress. Groups can be the name of a Branch location, Division, Region, whatever is best for the company.

  6. What is a learning coach? Why do I need one?
    The learning coach plays an important role in this training. The learning coach works closely with learners as they complete the training by providing support, offering insight into your company and its customers, and giving them opportunities to practice their skills. The learning coach's role and responsibilities are described in detail the Manager/Learning Coach Guide.

  7. I don't have a professional trainer on staff. To whom should I assign the role of learning coach?
    Who is assigned as a learning coach will depend on your company's structure. While some companies may have trainers that fill that role, it is certainly not a requirement. In some cases, the company administrator may fill that role. In other companies, the learner's immediate supervisor may fill that role. And in still other companies, a more experienced employee may be assigned that role, perhaps as a developmental opportunity.

  8. How much time should a learning coach spend with each learner?
    This will vary somewhat by company. However, on average, a learning coach will spend 1 to 2 hours per module with a learner because of the customized Learning Activities that help you tailor the program to your company's products, services and regulatory requirements.

  9. I need to just look at the modules, but not take the tests. How can I do that?
    The company administrator and learning coaches may look at the learning modules. However, because they do not use a license, they do not have access to the achievement tests. You must purchase a license for access to the tests.

  10. How will I know what to do to set up Groups and Learners?
    The BOB Administrator Guide provides you with all the information you need to tailor the system to meet your company's needs. AFSA staff will also work with you to set up your company in the LMS.

  11. Where do I go to access the training?
    Type into your internet browser. You will be presented with a login screen that requires a username and password. Company administrators receive a username and password from AFSA upon purchase of their licenses.

  12. What do I need to score to pass the tests?
    80% is passing. Each test has 20 questions, so you must answer at least 16 of them correctly to pass.

  13. What happens if I don't pass a test?
    You have two tries to pass each test. If you fail to pass a test twice, you are locked out of the system until your learning coach or the company Administrator "unlocks" you. If you have failed to pass a test twice, contact your learning coach to learn what you need to do before taking the test again. You must pass the test for a learning module before proceeding on to the next learning module.

  14. Who should I call with questions?
    Call Sheilah Harrison, AFSA's Vice President, Member Services at (202) 466-8602 or

  15. Do I have to be an AFSA member to purchase licenses for the Modules?
    No, but members receive a 50% discount. For membership information go to or call Sheilah Harrison.

  16. Is there a time limit on using the licenses after I purchase them from AFSA?
    No, they can be used at any time.

  17. What if I want to purchase more than 60 licenses at one time? What is the cost?
    The cost is $100 each for 60-100 licenses for Package A (all 5 modules) and $60 for package B (3 modules). Beyond 100, call Sheilah Harrison to discuss your discount.

  18. If I have difficulty setting up my Groups, who should I call?
    Sheilah Harrison at (202) 466-8602 or