AFSA Branch Operations Basics Training Modules
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How to Purchase

What is the Cost?

Companies may purchase licenses in bulk (one license per employee) and receive a user name and password for each employee (learner) to access the training modules. An Administrator's Guide is provided to the assigned company contact. Learning Coach Guides are provided for each module. Each learner must have access to the Internet, a quiet, private place to learn and a printer to print additional handouts. A headset may also be required if the training area is not private.

Contact Sheilah Harrison, AFSA's Vice President, Member Services at (202) 466-8602 or email to discuss and answer questions about the cost for your company.

The Learning Coach assigned to the learner is not required to purchase a license to review the modules unless he/she is taking the Certification Test as a user.

Subscription Package A
All 5 Modules for Each Employee (includes quizzes, on-the-job learning activities, certification test and printable certificate of completion for each module per employee )


  1. Welcome to the Consumer Finance Industry
  2. Customer Service
  3. Marketing and Sales
  4. Making a Good Loan
  5. Collection Skills

BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS  Membership in AFSA Saves Money!

Number of Licenses for all 5 modules
(one per employee)
AFSA Member Price Per License (employee) Non-AFSA Member Price Per License
For membership information Click Here
1-10 $195 $390
11-25 $175 $350
26-40 $155 $310
41-50 $135 $270
51-60 $115 $230
60-100 $100 $200
101-500 $80 $160
500 or more $50 $100

Subscription Package B (3 modules)
Three Modules Per Employee (1) Welcome to the Consumer Finance Industry, 2) Customer Service, and 3) Your Choice of either Marketing and Sales or Making a Good Loan or Collection Skills

Number of Employees AFSA Member Price Per Employee Non-AFSA Member Price Per Employee
1-10 $120 $240
11-25 $105 $210
26-40 $90 $180
41-50 $80 $160
51-60 $70 $140
60-100 $60 $120
100 or more $50 $100

How do I figure out the price for what I need?

Example: For AFSA members, if you decide to order 10 licenses of Package A (all 5 modules) per employee. Then you pay $10 x $195 = $1,950 and receive (10) License to distribute to employees to access the modules, take the tests and receive certificates of completion. Some of these employees may not have been hired yet but you want to be ready for their first day of training. There is no time limit to use these licenses. If in a few months, you decide you want 5 more then you only pay $175 each = $875 because you are now in the next pricing category.

But, only one employee may go through the module and receive the Completion Certificate per license.

For More Information Contact:
Sheilah Harrison
Vice President, Member Services
American Financial Services Association
919 18th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 466-8602